The Deviant Quarterly Review is an artistic expression that illustrates the most game-changing social media stories from every quarter. Click each Vine to learn more.

Game-changing Social Media Marketing Stories Illustrated in an Infographic

The top stories in social media and technology from Q3 of 2013 brought to you in Vine form.

Smart buzz generation and Twitter celebrities were behind Sharknado Twitter-verse 'feeding frenzy' before air-time. Read the full story

What's behind your news feed? Facebook unveils and demystifies new algorithm. Read the full story

Syrian Electronic Army comes 'through the front door' to maliciously hack Twitter, NY Times. Read the full story

Memes on memes on memes. Ben Affleck announced as Batman, internet wastes no time creating content. Read the full story

Youtube founders tap into remix culture and creative collaboration with launch of MixBit. Read the full story

New 'Netflix model' of original series production set to disrupt traditional pilot model, allowing new stories to be told. Read the full story

Worlds collide: NYFW Hackathon of mostly women, revamps the online fashion world through the art of code. Read the full story

New platforms spark new creativity. Grapstory recognizes value in Vine artists launching as first Vine talent agency. Read the full story

5S release announced with biometric security. Now your iPhone will be an even more personal part of yourself. Read the full story

Truly social: Coca-Cola creates meaningful connections with #LetsEatTogether TV spots incorporating live Tweets. Read the full story

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